Head: CATWA HEAD Stanley

Shirt: Radix – Harness Shirt @ Man Cave May 2018

Pants: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans



Head: CATWA HEAD Stanley

Hair: Stealthic – Reach

Jacket: [Val’More] – Necro LongCoat @ Man Cave May 2018

Pants: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans

Shoes: SEMLLER Canvas Low Tops @ TMD

Poses: Whatever – Coming to Man Cave June Round!

KraftWork Dandy Set @ Man Cave May 2018

KraftWork Dandy Bar Seat Left

KraftWork Dandy Table

KraftWork Dandy Panel Big No Lights

KraftWork Dandy Panel Big Lights

KraftWork Dandy Walking Cane

KraftWork Dandy Hanging Coat

Quasi – Downtown Gacha 20

..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Coat Hanger

..::THOR::.. Big Potted Plant

..::THOR::.. Diner Industrial Stool

..::THOR::.. Bottle of Beer and Cap

..::THOR::.. MiniJuke Shuffle ULTRARARE

..::THOR::.. Hamburger

..::THOR::.. Paper Placemat

..::THOR::.. Candlestick Phone

Kalopsia – Jack’s Suitcases

MadPea Missouri Mystery Motel – Polaroid Camera